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Distribution of Uniforms & School Bags to LAMP Scholars at Berigai on 16.02.2019
Community Event held at Krishnagiri
Students during Science Exhibition held in March 2019


ARCOD is a grass root voluntary organization registered under Tamil Nadu Societies Registration Act 1975. ARCOD was established during January 1988 at Rayakottai, Krishnagiri District (Formerly Dharmapuri District). Later on ARCOD extended its activities in the neighboring Districts.

ARCOD is registered under the following Acts:

  1. Under Section 12 A of Income tax Act
  2. Under Section 80 G of Income tax Act
  3. Foreign Contributions Regulation Act 2010


The main objective of ARCOD is to achieve social, economic, political, and health empowerment of women and children in operational areas through sustainable program.


The vision of ARCOD is a social, economical, political and health empowerment of Rural Poor, Dalits, Adivasis, Marginal and Small Farmers Women and Children in its operational areas.




To establish human resources with necessary attitudes, knowledge and skill within ARCOD and among the marginalized communities to facilitate emanation of collective leadership for socio – economic and political empowerment 

To improve the standard of living of marginalized families in its operational areas through sustainable development activities like Micro Finance, Collective Enterprises, Education, Health and other development Activities


ARCOD has been associated with the Fair Trade Labeling Organization (FLO) since the year 2000. FLO is based in Germany and it is a global certification organization working to secure a better deal for producers and workers by setting up international standards for fair trade certifications. 

Prevention of spreading HIV / AIDS
The Project was initiated in July 2004. ARCOD has been working with female sex workers in Krishnagiri District towards prevention of HIV/AIDS.

A support Program for the Children infected and affected by HIV / AIDS
There are 10 Blocks (Panchayat unions) in Krishnagiri district. There are about 1400 children who are affected by the HIV/AIDs. 

he Hosur Educational Division of Krishnagiri District is multilingual; the population is predominantly Telugu and Kannada speaking.
ARCOD identified the need for improvement in the system of education for Linguistic minorities, as a result a study taken to analyze the present status of children educated in Telugu and Kannada medium.

LAMP is a project to encourage girls to continue their studies. LAMP is supported by LUMINOUS Power Technologies Ltd. 


The CHILDLINE 1098 is a Project of Ministry of Women and Child Development, Government of India under the Integrated Child Protection Scheme (ICPS) supported through CHILDLINE India Foundation, Mumbai. 

Facilitating Women’s Collective
ARCOD is working for the empowerment of rural women. As a part of this, ARCOD is facilitating Surabi federation of Women Self Help Groups in Kangayam of Thiruppur District. 

Gift a Future – Supporting Children for Studying
Gift a future is an initiative of Altius Foundation, based at Chennai. The objective of the program is to provide financial support to poor children who are studying in private schools.

ARCOD is facilitating the Former Producer Company at Anchetty area with the support of NABARD through ESAF. The FPC (Vetri FPC) is registered under Companies Act. A share capital of Rs. 5,60,000/- from 560 farmers has been mobilized. More…..

What a fruitful and challenging journey it has been! 31 years ago when I had completed a decade of field experience in development, I was very keen to initiate a NGO where the prime focus would be around rural community’s active participation and improving the quality of life of the poor. I started searching far and wide as to where to start the work.
V.R. Keshavraj,
Executive Director