Mozhi – Aide et Action – 2009 to 2014

Project Goal

Ensuring context specific and quality basic education for children of linguistic minorities living in Thaly, Shoolagiri, Kelamangalam and  Hosur blocks of Krishnagiri district of Tamil Nadu.

The project was implemented during the period from May 2009 to December 2014. This project was financially and technically supported by Aide et Action, France 

Project objectives

  • $ To make the government education system more effective in addressing the educational needs of children 
  • $ To support 5000 children from linguistic minority communities to achieve acceptable competency levels

  • $ To enable teachers practice competency based teaching methodologies that provide basic competencies among learners
  • $ To integrate other learning spaces with the school to make the education more meaningful and relevant to the local context
  • $ To provide livelihood skill training support for youth of linguistic minorities in project area
  • $ To mobilize the participation of community in the development processes
  • $ To equip the women to play a supportive role for strengthening educational activities and participate in development processes
  • $ To bring awareness on health of children and communities
  • $ To evolve strategies for the sustainability of the initiatives of the project

Activities Carried Out

1. Quality Education

    1.In depth need assessment study through micro planning in 50 villages
  • 2. Conducting Children Competency Assessment in schools
  • 3. Development of school based, class based, child centered quality improvement plan
  • 4. Preparation of context specific curriculum
  • 5. Developing low cost, innovative and child centered learning modules and aids for the all the 3 R’s (reading, writing and arithmetic)
  • 6. Formation and strengthening of VDC.
  • 7. Training of VDC members on school management, monitoring techniques, resource mobilization and preparation of village education reports
  • 8. Organizing exposure visits for children
  • 9. Celebrating national days and functions in schools
  • 10. Formation and Strengthening of correspondence committees meetings
  • 11. Training of volunteers for child psychology, teaching methodology and TLM preparation
  • 12. Establishing model schools
  • 13. Formation and Strengthening of children parliament
  • 14. Organizing inter school exchanges and competitions
  • 15. Training to children on developing leadership skills and personality development
  • 16. Promotion of model schools

2. Inclusive education

  • Create database of CWD and PWD in intervention zone
  • Conduct sensitization programs for teachers, parents, youth and CBO representatives on inclusive education
  • Mobilize aids and appliances
  • Training to parents and teachers on early intervention

3. Livelihood education

  • Study on employability status of youth of linguistic minority in intervention area
  • Counseling on career guidance and higher education
  • Employability training to youth on market oriented employable trades

4. Health

  • Training on life skills, sexuality education, health education, HIV/AIDS, trafficking of children and women and to adolescent girls in the schools
  • Developing kit for creating awareness on health education, HIV/AIDS, among all girls and women

5. Women’s education and empowerment

  • Organizing counseling sessions with the SHG women and adolescents for identifying their educational, social, financial and legal status
  • Conducting legal awareness camps, family counseling session