Thozhi – Empowerment of Women at Workplace – 2016 to 2018

Thozhi – Empowerment of Women at Workplace – 2016 to 2018

ARCOD was approached by Thozhi network to take up the project in Krishnagiri during March 2016.

ARCOD started implementation of the project from April 2016. There are 10 blocks in Krishnagiri district. ARCOD took time to select the most vulnerable area for intervention. In the process, Kelamangalam, Hosur and Kaveripattinam blocks were considered. Finally it was decided to select Kaveripattinam block for intervention as there are about 50 Match Industries (The big and small ones) and there are more No of women workers there.   

The members of Self Help Groups which are functioning in the area were also involved and their support was vital in successful implementation of the project.



Activities Carried Out 

The following activities were carried out during the reporting period.

  • $ District level Convention – Rally of workers for various demands
  • $ Regional Consultative Meeting
  • $ Follow up on the Provident Fund Information and refund
  • $ Preliminary meeting with the owners of small companies
  • $ Indemnification of new workers
  • $ Consultative Meeting with the NGOs on the District on the future strategies for the project